SuperBuild Tile Adhesive (5 star)

SuperBuild Tile Adhesive (3 star)

SuperBuild Grout (1KG)

Tiling Solutions

Available in – 20kg bags
Description / Advantages
Adhesive & Mortar for tile fixing – Cement based bonding adhesive for fixing tiles, ready to use powder from adhesive for fixing ceramic, mosaic, marble tiles. Can be used no interior surfaces. Multi purpose adhesive for wall & floor tiles.

Available in – 20 kg bags
High strength adhesive & Mortar for tile fixing – cement based bonding adhesive for fixing large granite & marble slabs, & also for ceramic mosiac & marble tiles. can be used for exterior & interior surface.

Available in – 1kg packets – various colours
Pigmented cement based tile joint grout – ready to use, only water to be added, available in wide range of colours, water resistant, can be used for grouting mosaic, ceramic, vitrified & glass mosaic tiles.

Waterproofing Solutions

Integral Waterproofing Liquid Admixture – Complies to IS – 2645 – 2003. Integral water proofing liquid admixture for concrete and mortar. Improves workability, makes concrete water tight, disperses instantly with gauging.

Available in – 1,5,20 & 200 LTRS
Description / Advantages
Stryene Butadiene Polymer Bonding Agent cum  Cement Mortar/Concrete Modifier – It is a bonding aid and gauging liquid for cementitious system. It is resistant to hydrolysis and can therefore be used for external apllications also.

Available in – 1.5 kg, 5 kg & 15 kg
Description / Advantages
High performance liquid terrace water proofing system, for all types of building roofs containing highly elastic and robust acrylic polymers.

Two component Elastomeric cementatious waterproof membrane. Flexible to bridge hairline cracks and also breathable.

SuperBuild SBR

SuperBuild Cover Blocks

Cover Blocks / Spacers

cover block is basically a spacer that is used to lift the rebar matrix off the ground so that concrete may flow below the rebar. In order to prevent corrosion of the rebar, it has to be totally sheathed in concrete.

These are Polymers modified micro concrete Cover blocks, confirming to IS 456:2000. Essentially a spacer that is used to lift the rebar matrix from ground so that the concrete may flow below the rebar, making reinforcement steel corrosion resistant & creating durable concrete structure.

Available Size: Slab- 20/25 mm, Footing – 50mm & 75mm, Beam bottom – 25/30mm, Column side 25/40mm

Industrial Solutions

High abrasion resistance, forms monolithic bond with base concrete, non metallic does not rust or stain, easy to apply & economical

Non shrink, free flow, precision grout is a ready to use mixture & only addition of specified quantity of water to mix mechanically, controlled expansion ensures complete surface contact area

SuperBuild Floor Hardener

SuperBuild Wall Paints (Exterior)

SuperBuild Wall Putty

SuperBuild Wall Paints (Interior)

Finishing & Paints

Description / Advantages
Available in- 20kg & 40kg bags
Superbuild wall care is a water resistant while cement based powder putty. This can be used on concrete & motar walls, ceilings etc. It has excellent bonding strength with substrate.

Available in – 1ltr, 4 ltr, 10ltr, 20ltr buckets
General purpose water based acrylic wall primer with quick drying and low adour properties,suitable for interior & exterior surfaces.

Available in : 1ltr, 4ltr, 10ltr, 20ltr buckets
Superbuild Emulsion is an acrylic emulsion paint.It offers excellent binding & smooth surface. It gives elegant & rich finish for interior & exterior walls.

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